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Better made homes
with affordable prices. 

Design with Ambition.

Our aim is to provide a quality design and construction service at an affordable price. 

With hundreds of successful projects across greater Auckland, you can count on us to bring your dream home to reality.

Build with Confidence.

Our team of experienced professionals strive to do our best to deliver the results you want. 

If you already have the architectural documents ready and just need a reliable builder, we can build it.

Make your dream home a reality.

Here at BMH Homes, we focus on creating affordable houses with high quality architectural design. 

Established in 2014, we have a wealth of experience under our belt from working on hundreds of residential projects.

We always put our clients first, ensuring they get the best prices with no hidden costs.

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Completed Projects

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Projects Under Construction

Like people, every home is unique.

When it comes to houses, there is no one-size-fits-all design that suits the tastes of everybody. We know finding an existing design that satisfies every aspect of your wish list is not easy. That's why we're here to help.

BMH Homes, kitchen, living area, modern home, design, build
BMH Homes, kitchen, living area, modern home, design, build
BMH Homes, kitchen, living area, modern home, design, build

Our Process MADE SIMPLE.

  • Enquire about your land and have a first meeting with us.

  • Concept drawings will be made according to your needs and wishes for your new home.

  • Detailed plans are then drawn for the paperwork required by the council: resource consent and building consent.

  • Construction will begin, and you will see your new home come to life.


We provide a comprehensive design service, from site plans to CAD models, we've got it all covered.


Experience our simple, streamlined, end-to-end management solution to make your build an enjoyable experience.


Interested in construction loans and property development lending?

Contact us for

more information.


Ready to begin your

building journey?

Let's work together to  

bring your dream home to reality.

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